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Dreaming, Harry Potter, and "Just do it!"

Hufflepuff? I just visited Warner Brothers' official Harry Potter website and got sorted by the sorting hat. It chose Hufflepuff for me.

Um, anyway, that isn't way I'm writing this entry. I saw the movie last night, and one line of wisdom that was in the movie has been stuck in my head.

[a very minor spoiler ahead if you haven't seen the movie or read the 1st book]

That bit of wisdom was where Dumbledore found Harry in front of the magic mirror and said something to the effect of not letting your dreams interfere with your life, and how some people even without the mirror dream their life away.

I'm trying to shift from being more of a dreamer/thinker to more of a doer. After all, thinking/planing/dreaming mean nothing if they aren't acted upon, and honestly I have been mostly "dreaming my life away."

What stops people (myself included) from doing? Countless things, internal and to a lesser extent external. It is the internal road blocks that are more serious. The external ones can be worked around if there is enough motivation, but the internal ones ensure there is no motivation to drive past even the smallest little external problem that *will* (no if about it -- there is *always* some excuse for not doing anything) come from an external source.

Even my writing this is an excuse for me, an excuse not to work on my business' newsletter, not to clean the mess I've created in my house, not to mail a birthday greeting to a friend that needs to get into the mail (but it's going to be late already so what's an extra few minutes? -- another excuse for not doing it now is what that those "extra few minutes" are!), ... There's tons of things that need to be done. Always.

Don't get me wrong, relaxation, dreaming, and just plain "goofing off," are important. I'll even go as far as to say they are necessary even, but in moderation.

That last bit is the important part that I still haven't figured out. It's easy to say the solution is hiding in a nike ad, "just do it." In some respects it is that simple, but in other ways ...

Um, well, I have other things to do right now. ;-)
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