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I've wanted to write here for a time now, but life has been keeping me busy. I just got back from a birthday party. I prob. should be sleeping off my buzz, but a quick entry.

Hmm, what of the many things to write about? My epiphany (and in the next few days maybe something else in the friends only section).

When I am feeling a bit depressed one of the things I ask myself over and over is "what is the point?" (with the implied answer that there is no point to anything). Well, a few days ago when that question popped into my head the answer also popped into my head from ... the subconscious, ... a higher power, --whatever your psychological/religious idea is-- I got the answer "to prepare for interacting with others and actually interacting with others."

I am a big believer in man being a social animal, and how nothing can be done in a vacuum, but ... the point to life is interacting with others? That sounds right to me. I know saintgeorge believes the point of life is unconditional love. Pat, nothing against you, but I don't use the "L" word easily. Interacting with others, ... that I can handle. There are good interactions, and there are ... not good interactions. Both kinds of interactions can be learning opportunities. And in the grand scheme of things who can really label what is a "good" interaction and a "not good" -- (ok, I'll say it, "BAD") interaction? I know the ones I like and dislike, but I don't think I have the ability to remove myself and objectively label something as good or bad (subjectively, the terms good and bad become more shades of gray and lose their meaning if you try to precisely define the terms).

Enough for now. Time to sleep off the Champagne I've had.
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