Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'll write this and then go find a bomb shelter or something to hide in. The last 4 weeks or so have been busier than I expected and it seems that every time I expect things to slow down and return to normal something happens.

This week I expected things to go back to normal. Of course Monday changed all that. Over at my parents house it was *cold*, and Mom could barely walk. So a guy was called to repair the furnace and we visited Mom's Doctor. Despite Mom denying it I thought and then the Dr. seemed to think too that Mom somehow broke her hip. Well, the x-rays showed her hip was ok and whatever is wrong it is in the soft tissues.

Making a long story short, the furnace repair man seemed to be a permanent member of the family for the last few days, but today he finally said things were fixed. Mom is walking more easily (although with the help of a cane) now and seems to be getting better.

Well, now that those crises are over, I'm getting used to the unexpected occurring as soon as I expect things to start slowing down. So now I am worried what is going to happen tomorrow.
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