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I shouldn't take the time to write this, but I need to. I have been feeling disconnected from everything and everyone lately. I'm a little better today than I have been in a long time despite a long day yesterday. The possibility of bone cancer for Mom was first actually mentioned yesterday. The Doc she saw yesterday says the MRI he's scheduled for her on friday will say for sure one way or another, but we won't get the results until next tuesday.

I had a long talk with a friend last night. That's part of why I'm feeling better today. I got a bit grounded again. Also today, for the first time in a long time (I can't remember when I last did it) I drove through the park. Given the odd 50 degree plus temp's over the weekend I was surprised to see there was still a good coating of ice around the shore line that the waves were crashing into. The little man-made cove for stilling the waters around the boat launch was completely frozen over and useless for launching a boat from right now.

I want to keep writing, but I'm running out of steam. Plus all I've done so far today is things Mom wanted me to do. It's past time I got my own work started. So I'll throw this onto lj and then get moving.
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