Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I was reading here and just noticed that the 4th was the last time I made a "public" entry, and they have been a bit of a downer lately too. So I think it's time to say something public and positive.

I have neat convertible gloves/mittens!

Ok, a bit more wordage. I prefer gloves to mittens. I always have because they have a little more dexterity than the practically no dexterity mittens. A long time ago I had need of fingerless gloves and found a pair that have a flap to convert them from fingerless gloves into mittens. I used them only for what I needed them for and put them away. I thought fingerless they were way too cold for a Chicago winters, and as I stated above I don't care for mittens. This winter I misplaced my regular gloves and dug those things out. Now that I'm using them more I'm appreciating the convertibility of them. When I need dexterity I flip them open and, hey, with the fingerless gloves I am actually touching what I'm holding with more dex than even fingered gloves. When I'm done I flip back to the "mitten mode" and get the extra warmth that mittens have over gloves. The best of both worlds!
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