Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'll never understand how electrical power is distributed. As usual I had a power failure here because of the high winds outside (any extreme weather and the lights will go out for a few seconds -- enough to mess up the non-battery powered clocks I have). Just a couple of blocks away at my folks' house everything is going along fine and no clock setting is needed. That's the way it always goes. If my parents never lose power, why does my block go dark if someone sneezes too loudly (or seem to anyway)?

Hmm, anyway, on to what I've wanted to write about for some time now. I noticed something interesting. Before I get to what that something is, I want to state a few things first. I am *proud* of the fact I was never hook on any of the "reality" shows that are cropping up like weeds on the TV (let's just not mention the first "Mole" show and I won't be caught in a lie, ok?)

Now there is (or rather was) that Joe Millionaire show. Again, I didn't watch it and thought the whole premise was stupid (then again it was FOX). Anyway, now the interesting part. Without watching a single episode of Joe Millionaire and not even trying to follow it, I got hooked on the publicity about the show. I didn't see a single episode of that crap, but I followed it nevertheless. To my surprise I even wanted Sarah to win and was disappointed when, two days after the final ep. I heard she didn't.

I never watched the show, but I followed it. weird.
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