Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'll write this update quickly, then I'll slide on the ice over to K's birthday party. I'm starting to incorporate the 20+ hours per week that mom has me driving her around into my schedule and hopefully I can give my dying business one last chance. There is some great stuff in the new spring catalogs. I just need to make the time to promote the stuff.

Anyway, it rained all day today and now the temp. is dropping and everything is ice covered. It is dangerous trying to walk on the side walks outside right now, but the roads seem ok.

K called her party a "microgathering" of friends. She throws "parties" for everyone else, but for herself it's a "microgathering." ;-)
She also said no presents. So I don't have one for her -- tonight. Monday, on her real birthday, she just might find a little figurine (a vintage 1920's lady dancer) from my catalog on her door step. When she saw it in the catalog a year or two back she raved about it, so I think she'll like it.

Tomorrow I was planning on working, but it seems Mom wants to visit some relatives tomorrow. That will be an all day trip. So no work for me again.

Oh, it's late. I've got to get moving.
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