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The sky is falling and my Father took us out for dinner.
Is the world coming to an end?

The last 24 hours or so have certainly been interesting to say the least. Last night at midnight I was doing some late work in a brightly lit room with my back to the window. I heard a rumbling that at first I thought was thunder, but it *continued* then my house shook some. Now I'm not that far from railroad tracks and sometimes my house will shake like this when a train passes. After thinking the rumbling was lasting too long to be thunder I chalked it up as a train. However, this was no train.

Some time later I heard on the radio about the sky becoming as bright as day for several seconds around midnight and that it could be seen in a north to southeast stretch from Milwaukee, through Chicago, through Indianapolis, and beyond. That rumbling was no train and I wish I had turned around and looked out the window at the time. Meteorites hit a south suburb of Chicago not too far away from my little town last night. I had driven through that very suburb two or three weeks ago.

After that bit of excitement I had a little trouble sleeping and spent a good part of the night listening to the radio reports of the event.

Today was more or less normal until I went to have supper with my folks. Dad liked the restaurant where we met some out of town relatives for brunch (was it just last weekend?) and wanted to go back today. So that is what we did. It was mostly nice. I didn't appreciate some digs Dad made to point out how much better it was than what he gets at home ... (it's a big can of worms that I don't really want to open, but his constant complaining about meals has become a hot button for me).

So those were the highlights.

Stay tuned to this journal for continuing events in this Mirror's life.

Here's a highlight from an entry in the not too distant future.

This livejournalist may be a jurist, or

Everybody out of the (jury) pool! I'm about to make a splash.
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