Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

notes from the day before I get to bed.

I suppose the "major" event of today was opening an account with an on-line bank. They use electronic transfers from a checking account I have with a local bank to deposit and withdraw money from the on-line account. On the FAQ's it calls the accounts linked. I got a laugh when I logged in and my account status page used the phrase "eternally linked." And, I didn't even get the two bank accounts a wedding present either.

Hmm, anything else noteworthy? Oh yeah, for a change I bought myself some Becks beer a few days ago. I ripped up my fingernails when I finally got around to trying it yesterday. The stupid bottle does *not* have a twist off cap. I tore my house apart looking for my old bottle opener yesterday. I think I might have pitched it. Anyway, today I bought myself a new bottle opener.
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