Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Because I am trying to improve my life, and I have decided I can't do it alone I contacted a "life coach." Most of them are *way* out of my price range. The one I contacted said the price was negotiable, but I said up front I can't pay much to start with. We'll see what kind of response (if any) that I get.

I never thought I'd even consider this, but, hey, if I want to get back on track of taking over the universe (or something like that). I need some feedback that I haven't been getting.

Wednesday, C, who's been telling me she has an order for my business since before Christmas gave me another excuse again saying she'll place the order after such-and-such an event she's got coming up. I'm tempted to ask her what she wants and just give it to her. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that. Then I'd stop getting these out of the blue "Oh, I still want to place an order with you, but ..." opening lines every time I see her lately.

Speaking of my business, I'm thinking of giving "Mom's Beggar" one of my catalogs and offering to make him a sales rep (commission only). If he wants to bum money off Mom for odd jobs, maybe he'd be willing to try it, and both he and I could benefit.

On other fronts, I was surprised by an Easter greeting from my Italian email chess friend. He's the only other email chess person I know who's willing to talk while playing. I almost deleted it as spam until I saw his name. He sent it from an Italian website and the email notification was in Italian. Well, I set him an English greeting and thank you for his greeting.
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