Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

K set up the job interview with me. Rather than having me drive all the way out to her store she set it up at her house, and even told me I didn't need to dress up for it.

Well, I was still a little nervous. I don't know why since K and I have known each other for years. She offer me a cup of coffee when I walked in, and I accepted. Then she got phone call after phone call (most of which were mutual friends we both knew).

Finally she started the interview something like this "I know you can sell, and if I didn't need to have this form filled out saying I interviewed you I'd skip this. Matter of fact, I've already scheduled you to start next week."

Wow. So it was almost more of a visit with her than an interview, and as I learned *before* the interview began I start working for her next week.
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