Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I tend to eat when I'm stressed. I've done a lot of eating these last several months. When I went to buy clothes for my new job a few weeks back I discovered the expected results of overeating.

I am now wearing the largest size clothes I have ever worn, and two weeks ago when I started weighing myself daily, I discovered I was nearly back to the weight I was when I had all my medical problems. So I started cutting back on the amount I've been eating and striving to make sure what I have been eating is more balanced (the less you eat the more trouble it is to make sure you get all the nutritional stuff you need).

I've been good in my eating habits for the last couple of weeks, but today I had a major slip. I ate a whole bunch of Krispy Cream. I was hoping I could be good until my birthday before I pigged out again.

rut 'op may'meywI' vIlujnIS vaj noH vIQap.
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