Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

It was a long day.

K scheduled me to open the store with her today. So I got up early and figured I'd mooch a free breakfast from my folks. Over there I found Mom *wheezing* and running around for Father. So I had her sit down, and gave Dad my daily comment about how he never even thinks of others -- ahead of schedule -- I usually I don't get around to saying that until much later in the day.

Well, Dad ignoring me (and proving my point) was insisting he needed butter. Mom wheezed out that she'd go get it, and I vetoed that. I ran to the store instead of having breakfast. Mom seemed to be breathing better when I got back, and while I offered to call and tell K I needed to stay at home Mom insisted I go.

So I did grabbing a little something from McD on the way for my brunch (I worked through lunch as it turned out). At the store it was pretty much normal. Oh, N's stories about K being a bad boss was his teasing her. She's pretty much like what I've know her to be away from her work only slightly more bossy (because she *is* the boss there). When she left today she complimented me on how I'm catching on to things (As well as saying she like my shirt too, :::::shrugging::::: As I told her I'm surprised she didn't remember it. It was an old shirt that I'm *sure* she must have seen me in long before today).

Basically, I'm the only one who's ridding myself for not remembering things like a pre-owned ps2 is $149.99 or $179.99 new (just don't ask me about the other game systems yet), or which 3 games are the ones that can be offered for free with the Hulk game promotion -- Dark Angel, Lord of the Rings, and ???.

Oh, I *must* find time to work on my own mail order business. K handed me an order for my own business today and left the catalog I gave her in the back of the store for the others there to look at saying maybe she could drum up some business for me.

Well, anyway, I put in my time at the store and I'm feeling less of an idiot each day. Although, I'm sure I have a number of major blunders of ignorance ahead of me still.

After working there I made a side trip to get a father's day card and headed back wondering what condition I'd find Mom in. I go straight over there not changing from my good clothes. She's making dessert for supper and is fine. She puts me to work chopping veggies for a veggie platter for supper, and then has me set the table. We have supper, and she's not up to doing the dishes. So I do them and skip seeing Matrix 2 like I'd planed (I didn't finish the dishes till a half hour after the movie had started -- oh, well. Maybe I'll treat myself to it tomorrow as a birthday present to myself).

Oh, we gave Dad his Fathers' day present. An electronic clock, indoor thermometer, and calendar combo. He had a few rude comments about it before he announced that he didn't want it. :::shrugging:::: That's my Dad. Surprisingly, he like the card I bought and told Mom to put it somewhere he could see it. Maybe he liked it because the card said it was from the cats and not Mom nor I.
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