Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Well, today was interesting. It was the first *HOT* day of summer, when I went to work I crashed the store's computer (well, it froze up on me and we had to call tech support at corporate and were talked through rebooting the system). Then driving home, I decided to take the long route and discovered that the major road leading to my town was closed and cops were directing people onto the side streets (gotta check the papers tomorrow to see why). So I followed the caravan down side streets I didn't know until it finally came across a major road I knew (and at that time the caravan broke up half going one way and the other half the other--good thing I knew that road to know which way to turn) and from there cut over to the only other major road leading into my town. I'd guess I went a good 10 miles or more out of my way. So that "long route" I took became even longer tonight.
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