Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm a bit better today, although I still have visions of throwing away my future to take care of someone (that's the emotional wound I mentioned yesterday). A real possibility, and since my childhood one of my worst nightmares too.

This morning I found a message on my voice mail. K called saying she left my present at the store, and because she didn't want anyone to think she was showing favoritism she told the person who I'd be working with that my Mom had dropped the present off this morning while K was working alone in the store.

:::::shaking my head:::::: K is not a good liar. I've noticed that when she's doing something she feels guilty about she'll make up some cock and bull story with details she'd never add when she's telling the truth. I'm sure the person I worked with knew that was a "story," but he didn't say anything.

So anyway, I got two nice new shirts from K. Gotta take some time tomorrow to write her a thank you note.

Oh, and I also found out today I'm working the entire day on the 4th (or at least from open to close -- the store will close at 6 instead of 9 on the 4th), and then I get to open on Saturday the 5th too. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Yesterday I stubbed my toe. It was swollen and extremely sensitive today, but actually it didn't look as bad as I expected it to look when I checked it this morning.
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