Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

The times we live in.

I have a friend who had a birthday recently. Since he expressed an interest in my learning tlhIngan Hol, I thought I'd send him a type written, personal Klingon birthday greeting. So I used the Klingon font I have and printed it out.

Um, some background info now before I continue. N, my friend, was greatly shaken by 9-11. So even though he personally is, like most average US citizens, a low individual target for terrorists he is scared sh**less.

Now I sent him the birthday greeting by mail to his apartment. He didn't recognize my return address and grew suspicious of the letter. Then when he held it up to the light and saw the strange (Klingon) font through the sealed envelope, he thought he had gotten an anthrax letter.

Other than these are the times we live in now I have nothing to add here.
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