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Nite Mirror

A two for one sale! Yep, I'm combining yesterday and today into one entry.

Yesterday I realized it was a long time since I drove by the lake and went past it on my way back from my folks house. Given the time of year I shouldn't have forgotten, but I was expecting the "normal" scenery. However, the annual traveling carnival that my town has each year for it's July 4th celebrations was just starting to set up on the lake front there. So the lake was obscured by RV's, pieces of carnival rides not yet set up, and 18 wheelers packed with the tools of the carny trade.

I did notice that they already had a large marry-go-round set up. By this time they must be just about ready for their opening tomorrow.
I know only one other person on my friend's list is a Klingonist, but I think most of you might be interest in this webpage:

Hmm, gotta keep my eyes open for that concert album where Elvis performed on the Klingon homeworld. ;-)
In the "I did not know that" file I learned that in Illinois under certain circumstances you can legally turn *left* on a red light. You have to be on a one way road and also turning onto a one way road (of course that one way road has to be heading to your left).
Moving on to today, I am officially retiring one of my two favorite cups. Over the last few months I've noticed the handle of that cup was starting to become warm when I heated water in it for tea or instant coffee. Today it was so hot I actually burned myself trying to pick the cup up. I have a nice raised angry red patch on my middle finger from that.
It's no secret I'm a fan of those old radio shows. Well, the Twilight Zone is coming back to Chicago radio!
And sticking with the radio theme, I heard from an internet group I belong to that 8 years ago yesterday Wolfman Jack did his last on air radio shift.

A howl goes out to the last great radio DJ, rest in peace Wolfman.
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