Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Work is done. I could walk down to the park to catch the last hour of the band playing at the beer garden there while sipping the beer on tap, but all things considered I think I'll just have the last of my Berry Weiss (mmm, fruit flavored beer), and listen to the Midnight Special.

Thursday night a relative I haven't seen in years died. If that person's daughter wasn't immediate family next to my parents we wouldn't go to the funeral, but they are. Basically it's my parents and then "Aunt Fran and Uncle Hank." I called K to take off Wed. for the funeral. It caused a bit of a headache for her. There's no one to cover for me, so the guy I was scheduled to work with that day will be alone. I wouldn't feel as bad about this if 3 new games weren't coming out on Wed. Oh, well.

::::::Stopping writing this and getting up to answer an unusually late knock on the door::::::: Bah, drunks looking for someone named "Jack." Judging by their grin I think they knew damn well their friend didn't live here. Well, on with this entry.

Hmm, Cubs rally to win against the Cards today! And Sammy is now tied with Ernie Banks for career home runs. I think soon "Mr. Cub" (Ernie Banks) will be losing his record of hitting the most homeruns in a Cubs uniform too.

enough for now. Time to read my friends entries.
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