Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Can you list five of your heroes?

I recently was asked that question. Gramp came to mind immediately, then ... nothing.

After a *lot* of thought I wondered about Ron Santo. I certainly admire him. Being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes in the 1950's while playing minor league baseball. Keeping that a secret for fear of being thrown out of baseball throughout his entire major league baseball career. He earned 5 golden gloves and played in 9 all-star games. Now he raises millions of dollars to research a cure for diabetes. He lost both his legs to the disease, and all the while has kept a positive attitude. Also, he is the Cubs color commentator on the radio.

Yeah, I think I just talked myself into making him a hero of mine.

Hmm, I only have 2 heroes????

I think I should think this over some more.
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