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I want to be part of a flash mob!

For those of you who haven't heard about this phenomenon it's part practical joke and part performance art. It's where a group suddenly forms, does something unusual, and then disperses as quickly as it was formed.

One example is in Minneapolis a bunch of people rode up and down an escalator just circling between the up and down ones several times and then dispersed. A little closer to me Friday, August 29th, in Chicago a group of people are planning to form outside of the Handcock center at 9 pm, put on sunglasses at night, and then cough in unison before leaving.
Moving on now that I have some time let's step into my time machine and traveling back to Sunday for C's dance performance and the events surrounding it.

Her group was performing at "The Indiana Welcome Center." Now while it is maybe a 15 to 20 minute drive from where I live I've never been there. So I go. The building is ... Hmm, how can I describe it?

I just did an internet search. Look at the thing at your own risk.

So anyway, I have some time before the performance so I wander. First to the Dillinger Museum I was less then impressed. Then to the trash art exhibit. Other than having a flashback to my college days and my favorite professor who created trash art for his classroom again I wasn't impressed.

Well, it was finally time for the show. I was told the auditorium held only 110 people, but it still seemed smaller than I expected.

:::::pulling out my crumpled program to remind myself of everything::::::::

C came out and introduced things (she was also the choreographer for most of the dances too). The first dance was "Add On." This was a "modern" dance not my favorite style. Something called Zap Mama was the music. Four people dancing around and one person walking in slow motion across the stage. Then that slow motion person struck the final pose the other dancers took.

Next dance was called Kansas City. 3 tap dancers to the song Smokey Joe's Cafe. It was an energetic contrast to the "Add On" dance, and to my surprise Cr was one of the 3 tap dancers. I knew she showed up at a lot of the swing dance events, but I didn't know she was a tap dancer too, or in C's dance company for that matter.

Now that I was starting to warm up to things the Taiwanese Ribbon Dance was next. I had seen that years ago, this time I watched it paying attention to the technical aspect of how hard it must be to get the 10 ft. red ribbon into the spirals and loops it was doing. (Artistically, hey, it was just a woman jumping and waving a big ribbon on a stick around the stage to a Taiwanese Folk Song).

After that, this is next one is where I finally got into things completely. C came back out and said the next piece was a study of how people sit. She said for everyone to freeze and notice how they were seated. Then take the pose of the person next to you, and then some other pose you don't normally use (I went into "The Thinker" pose), and another (I sat upright and put a finger to my lip in a stupid pose to see who would noticed. C saw and suppressed a laugh on the stage.)

Well, after that the dancers brought chairs onto the stage and basically struck a pose like people do at different places in time to the music. From a car, to movie, to church (in the last one, at church, the one male "dancer" feigned falling asleep and slowly sunk out of his chair timing it so he hit the floor as the music ended.)

Next came a touching piece done by two sisters, a late teen and a pre-teen. The older one had recorded a voice over on the music. Saying how they were 12 years apart in age, but still sisters. How sometimes that's cool, and other times a pain. They danced out what she was talking about and it got to me.

Then a high energy Bluegrass dance with the entire dance company. They almost didn't have room for everyone on the little stage. After that was an intermission. I found and talked with some friends.

After intermission Cr. choreographed a piece for 4 little kids to a Sting song. It was cute, and to my surprise the little boy seemed to be a better dancer then the three little girls.

A dance called "The Clique" followed. Four dancer moving all the same, then another came and tried to join. I enjoyed it.

C's dance piece followed. She did a voice over to the music (Nora Jones). Where we basically got a mini bio of C and how she always was moving and dancing and her only imaginary friends as a kid were dancers that she choreographed. (at that point she held up a sign saying "I am not crazy"). It was cute, but seemed a bit of an ego trip thing to me too. Although I'd never say that to her.

Sally's Pigeons by Cynidi Lauper was the music to the next one. The dance was about two friends that drifted apart, and they had 3 little girls in bird costumes for the pigeons that was cute, but the whole dance itself was rather melancholy (*I* was actually understanding the story behind these dances??? Yeah, even I'm amazed).

The Eternal Vow. This started with an older couple, and was basically a love story/dance and how they had kids and then grandkids. The stage was full at the end of it. Given how I can be a little bitter on this topic, I had mixed feelings about this one.

Under My Skin. This was an amusing one with C and one of her other dancers. How C was enjoying herself then this annoying person came and kept trying to share her personal space.

The Finale was "Love is in the Air" with the entire cast. To me it seemed almost a repeat of "The Eternal Vow" with an even more crowded stage, and more mixed emotions for myself.

I chatted with my friends some after, then drove home in a torrential storm. (I'm not exaggerating. That storm flooded and closed down two major Chicago expressways). I went through every setting of the windshield wiper from fastest at the height of the storm to the lowest setting by the time I was parking by my house.

I put two chess sets I bought for my collection from the welcome center's gift shop in my house then drove to my parents home and got reminded of what my every day life is like. It's amazing how a good mood can change.

I found my parents basically ransacking their own home. It seems Mom had lost the X-rays she is going to get a second opinion about. Long story short, we eventually found them, but the house over there was more of a mess than usual.
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