Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm tired, but an update on a few things before sleep.

First of all how about those Cubs! Still in the NL Central running in September! I think I might just start dropping the "cautiously" part of being optimistic on the Cubs chances. I'd like to see something that hasn't happened since 1908 when "Tinkers to Evers to Chance" made history and won the World Series for the Cubs. That was the last time the Cubs won. The last time they were even in the World Series was 1945. Hmm, one last piece of baseball trivia then I'll move on. By winning the World series in 1908 the Cubs were the first team ever to win the world series in two consecutive years.

Then the curse of the goat in 1945's world series, but unless someone wants to take me to the Billgoat Tavern and pay for my drinks I won't spin that Cubs trivia yarn.

As for that other Chicago baseball team on the south side, hmm, it must be a fluke they're having a great year too.

Moving on to more serious topics, it looks like they will give my mom therapy for walking better and then release her from the hospital.

Also a bit of old news, I'm an idiot. One of these days I hope to improve to being merely a moron. I don't care what else is going on around me, I have got to straighten things out. jIchenmoHHa''egh 'e' vIchaw'Qo'

It's funny, I don't care what kind of change anyone wants to make in their life, it begins by how one spends their time and what actions they take (and in my case with changing my attitude too). I have been failing in those areas lately. I honestly thought no goal was beyond my reach at one time. Now I think my poor choices have limited certain things, but I still think I can accomplish things most people wouldn't give me credit for achieving.
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