Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Eck! I've been expecting the state to send me the form I've got to fill out (along with cutting them a check) for the state tax I've collected through my business. It arrived today. Now I'll be busy taking care of that (normally it's only about 30 minutes of work, but for various reasons I was a little lax with my record keeping and will need to straighten that out some before I'm able to figure out how much sales tax I collected (plus this year I increased my stock so for the first time ever usage tax may come into the equation too).

<sigh> I already know that if I can ever afford a full time employee the first position I hire will be an accountant. In college I found that double entry stuff boring. Give me algebra where I can play with whole equations rather than individual numbers any day. (although no one mention that calculus stuff. Derivatives? No thank you. Hmm, actually thinking about mathematics, dealing with imaginary numbers was fun. Something about working with something that couldn't possibly be a number but was still treated like one ... )
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