Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Ok, I lied. Instead of cleaning my house and then working on my business, I suddenly felt moved to write some entries for here. So I'll take this opportunity to do this now and clean/work a little later. This day is for relaxing and doing what I WANT to do. I'm my own priority today. Now on with the entry.

Since the topic came up in a few different places over the last few weeks I have felt an urge to write about the lj community, My history with joining groups, and ... well, things along that nature.

First of all, I have never been much of a joiner. Yes, I was invited to join, and accepted to join, a college fraternity, and that lead to some of my best memories. Other than that, the handful of groups I've joined have been of my own volition and most of them out of a desire to belong more than the groups' stated purposes. It is a desire, not a need to join. While I get more lonely than my younger-self ever thought I could, I still value my personal solitude more than most too. I don't think that will ever change.

Anyway, it was a desire for community that drove me to join livejournal. I like the fact you can receive comments in your journal, and the control freak in me likes the fact I have the options I do (screening, deleting, ... ect.) when it comes to receiving comments even if I don't use those options.

I've seen a lot of people state they still write in their journal for themselves. I do too, but not always. The entries I put in for myself I feel are my "best," but occasionally (ok, in my worst moments more than occasionally), I will admit to having put something in for the generic "others" to read.

I suppose I could ramble on, but I think I hit the main points I wanted to say (and I'm running out of steam for this topic too).
topics that may or may not show up in the near future:

One from my personal history file:
The great shrimp disaster of the late 1980's
or, a bumbling fool (i.e., starving college student) attempts to cook raw, frozen shrimp.

Me and who I want to be. (hmm, does that sound like the start of a kid's book to anyone else? -- if it does, copyright 2003, Nite Mirror)

The rise and fall of the love of English. Is it just changes in usage, or do modern English speakers have less regard for their language than English speakers of the past?
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