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I drove through my local park yesterday and today. I it was quite a contrast. About the only thing that was the same was that lake Michigan was absolutely still; no waves at all either yesterday or today.

Yesterday, it had just stopped raining and the sky cleared into a lovely blue contrasted by scattered, huge, fluffy, pure white clouds. The clouds today were mere slits of slightly whiter gray lines cutting through the gray sky, with lake Michigan's color mirroring the color of the sky as it usually does.

Moving over to where the Chicago skyline is visible from the park, yesterday there was just the hint of a haze that took away the harsh lines of the skyscrapers, but left most of the detail of the buildings visible. Today with the gray haze I didn't expect to be able to see Chicago. It was visible, but it was just a black silhouette through the haze. No details of the buildings were visible at all. Only the skyline's shape could be seen through the gray.
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