Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Well, my email chess games began today. I tried to research my opponent, but found none of his games in IECG's data base for some reason. He started the game with a queen's pawn opening, now my question (rhetorical--getting advice would be cheating) is do I go for a queen's gambit game or my usual Indian defense? I think for a change I'll play to the Queen's gambit. I certainly haven't had much success with the Indian defense. In the game where I'm white I'll start with the more usual e4 opening and see what kind of defense he develops from there. Anyway the dances have begun. I'll write O, the person I'm matched against, my moves in our dance after I finish this entry.

On other fronts, things are getting back to a slower, more normal pace. I'm getting anxious about my website now that all the forms are filled out and the money's changed hands, although the little I've seen maybe it'll be worth what I paid for it. I did get a laugh that part of the "membership kit" they sent me included the CliffsNotes' book _Getting on the Internet_. Especially since I've been on line so long I can remember when AOL charged by the hour (and my shock at some of the aol bills I got back then).

Also my local swingdance group is cutting back their activities. I wasn't happy to hear that, but I know K. has been swamped lately and I'm not surprised she's trimming her schedule some by making it every two weeks instead of weekly.
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